Avatar Land

Avatar Land is a 3D platformer starring your Avatar as the hero, in levels you create!
It has a powerful built in level editor which allows you to easily create levels to play in. Using the Gear Sphere, which contains dozens of varied objects and blocks to place around the level, you can quickly and easily built huge, complex levels.
It's powered by the Cause and Effect engine, which is a simple system of "causes" and "effects" you link together to create actions. Want a door to open when you throw a switch? Done! Want a bed of spikes to retract when you press a button, and pop back up after 5 seconds? Easy! Want to create a chain of events to spawn enemies and powerups, activate doors and switches, and any other combination you can think of? No problem - you're limited only by your imagination.
The game runs on the latest edition of Synapse Gaming's SunBurn lighting and rendering engine, for beautifully rendered levels with real time shadows, dynamic lighting setups, and lighting on your Avatar.